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Crowd Goes Wild

THE CROWD GOES WILD: Unconventional wisdom combined with some serous out-of-the-box thinking, the Amazing JoeJoe reveals his time tested blue-print for building crowds! And not just any crowd, a crowd that will be ready able and willing to pay you!

Make no mistake about it - this is some of the best material for street performers available:

PART TWO: Rise and shine, you get to spend the entire day on the pitch live with the Amazing JoeJoe! Not only will you see the crowd being built using the techniques from part one, he will show you what to do with a crowd when you have one - make no mistake about it, this is no longer a "magic show" - here you will clearly see the difference:

EXAMPLE FOOTAGE: Watching a few pre-selected clips is a nice teaching aid, but if you want to become an advanced student then you must be willing to watch this uncut and unedited footage - a real master class of my techniques in action.

You will see me pull one crowd in as another crowd walks away, then I will reset and start over to build another one - interestingly enough, you will see me blow an entire trick and I must confess even I didn't notice while I was watching this footage I pulled from the vault - we're talking pure professionalism at it's best!

Again I bring this to the magic community for FREE via a "pass-the-hat" license, the same way I present my magic to the public ... if it helps you learn a little something you can benefit from, please drop a little something into my hat - thanks!



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