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Web Spinner

Steve Fearson Presents the Amazing JoeJoe's Web Spinner:

Spin a Web anytime. Catch applause, gasps and sighs... if you've been waiting for the gimmick that would take the fear out of invisible thread work and get you floating stuff NOW... look no further than Amazing JoeJoe's Web Spinner! the original All-In-One thread device!

Pop the Web Spinner in your pocket and you are ready to levitate, animate, and suspend objects at a moments notice. The Web Spinner is the ORIGINAL all-in-one thread device!

STORE IT! Your invisible thread is protected and stored in an unwound state. No wrapping and unwrapping every time you need a new piece.

STRIP IT! The Web Spinner turns the most tedious part of invisible thread work into something downright simple. It almost strips the thread for you. You have to see it to believe it!

SPOOL IT! Functioning as a spooler, the Web Spinner can release a predetermined length of thread before stopping and locking it in place.

WAIT! We almost forgot... it handles your wax too! And it does all of this with no motors, no batteries and no elastic bands!

The Web Spinner is a magical tool designed by a real worker over a lifetime of performances. Its not an optional accessory. It is a MUST HAVE device for any magician, in the league of the thumb tip. Its simply how thread work should be done.

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