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Dancing Cane

Dancing Cane with JoeJoe's Slider Gimmick:

The Amazing JoeJoe brings the 'Dancing Cane' to a new level with his unique 'Slider Gimmick'! This cane is molded from the lightest available plastic material that allows the use of thinner thread than heavier materials such as wood or metal. Plus, a special one-strand hook-up means you use half the thread of a traditional hookup making the thread half as visible allowing the illusion to be performed in more lighting situations!

The 'Slider Gimmick' is now consider "Open Source Magic" with a Creative Commons BY-NC license. By Non-Commercial, I mean it can't be sold ... you can still take it to work and what not. I just basically don't want to see it being sold in stores.

You might wonder why I am doing this? Because our craft has survived for hundreds of years by magicians sharing secrets in the backrooms of the venues they hustled their skills. I'd like to see my magic be shared with the world, not hoarded in warehouses.

The Secret URL to the Hidden Video:



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