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Street Magic: Coin to Cup or Glass

Posted: 02‑11‑2015 19:55


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French Drop
So I am starting to practice for the new upcoming street season and was outlining my routines I want to work on and thought about using the Coin to Cup or Glass routine. I know Kozmo does one on his DVD and I believe Capehart does as well.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any other routines that are out their. I like Koz's but I would rather do it ungimmicked if I can, but I would like to see other routines as well. Any ideas?

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Posted: 09‑18‑2016 15:35


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French Drop
Dai Veron's Kangaroo Coins uses a glass. It's in the Stars Of Magic and also on the Revelations series and the L&L coins through table DVD.


Posted: 10‑13‑2016 16:30


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French Drop
Arther Buckley's "Four Coins to a Glass" in Bobo's "Modern Coin Magic"

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