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Introductions: ThegreatGumbini7

Posted: 01‑15‑2016 23:49


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French Drop
Hi everyone. I used to be on the magiccafe but I had a power outage so I tried to log back in and never could. Emailed steve and his staff never got a responce so just said they can keep their caf lol.

I've been in magic and mentalism for 34 years and have met some wonderful people. Looking forward to meeting all of you as well.

Good magic to all,


Good magic to all!


Posted: 01‑19‑2016 17:01


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Box Escape
Welcome to Magic Joint, great to have you here Eric! :)



Posted: 02‑28‑2016 01:41


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French Drop
Wooow! 34 years of magic! Good to see folks with much experience in this art.. Welcome Eric!

There's a mark born every minute!


Posted: 09‑18‑2016 15:40


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French Drop
ThegreatGumbini7, to get a response from the magic cafe you have to give Jaba The Brooks free tricks and DVDs. The more you give, the more helpful they will be. Their community program is called scumbags helping magicians.